Great Growth in Volleyball

The legacy of London’s summer olympics mighGrowth in volleyballt not help indoor sport because of the high cost of hall hire but it has certainly generated much more interest in the sport of volleyball. This enthusiasm for volleyball has resulted in three new teams taking to the court this Sunday evening as Recreational League teams kick off the new league season.

Eagles, Hits & Giggles along with Andrew’s Team are the new sides which take the total number of teams competing in this season’s league to twelve with each team playing each other twice over a season which now extends beyond Easter to Sunday 12th May in order to play the required one hundred and thirty two games.

Leszek’s Eagles’ team is the first of the newcomers to take the court when they meet last season’s newcomers Kinross High School led by Dave Mackay.  Eagles also face Fife side Dunfermline with the newcomers looking to take something out of their two openinggames.

Jayne McCaffrey’s Hits & Giggles meet Andrew Stewart’s fellow newcomers at eight o’clock so at least one of them will be guaranteed victory. Hits & Giggles also play Stuart Anderson’s Hitting Bricks and this one will be interesting due to the fact that Jayne played her volleyball with Bricks last season and she starts this season playing against them. Andrew’s Team’s second game of the evening is against league stalwarts Tay Pearls. Pearls’ experience should see them win this one but they will have a tougher game against John Robertson’s Motley Crew in the last game of the evening.

John Booth’s league cup winning side Kinross BB will be looking to get their season off to a winning start against two local sides: Kinross High School and Kinross BB Girls’ Association. Susan Scott’s See Me who blew hot and cold last season will be aiming to start their season with wins over Motley Crew and Hitting Bricks but both of these games are liable to be close affairs. Claire Young’s mainly Kinross based Mongrels take on Kinross BB Girls’ Association and Dunfermline with newcomer Steven Young’s height being an advantage to the Mongrels’ side this season.

This Sunday evening’s fixtures (officiating team in brackets):

6:00 pm Mongrels v Kinross BB GA  (Dunfermline); Kinross High School v Eagles (Kinross BB)

6:40 pm Dunfermline v Mongrels (Kinross BB GA); Kinross BB v Kinross High School (Eagles)

7:20 pm Kinross BB GA v Kinross BB (Mongrels); Eagles v Dunfermline (Kinross High)

8:00 pm Andrew’s Team v Hits & Giggles (Tay Pearls); See Me v Motley Crew (Hitting Bricks)

8:40 pm Tay Pearls v Andrew’s Team (Hits & Giggles); Hitting Bricks v See Me (Motley Crew)

9:20 pm Hits & Giggles v Hitting Bricks (Andrew’s Team); Motley Crew v Tay Pearls (See Me)

Dave Munro
Fixture Secretary