Coach Registration Scheme 2012/13

The development of coaches and the coaching process is at the very heart of the SVA’s activities.  There continues to be numerous examples of the great work being done by Scottish coaches, and the positive effect they are having on both players and performance standards.  As the new season approaches it’s time to start the process of coach registration. 

The Coach Registration Scheme applies to everyone who will coach in the National League and Cup competitions, and all Junior National League fixtures.  To participate in these events in a coaching capacity you must first register with the SVA.

The registration process is a simple one.  If you are registering for the first time you have to contact the SVA Office, submit the registration form, a photograph, and the appropriate fee.  With the continuation of the SVA’s membership scheme, the fee for being involved in Scottish Volleyball activities, in any capacity, is £5.00, then you add the ‘module’ costs. 

So, for the Coach Registration Scheme the fee is £5.00 for SVA membership, then £10.00 for coach registration.  Of course, you need only pay the membership fee once.  On receiving this documentation the SVA Office will then issue your registration pack. 

If you were registered as a Coach last season, you only need to submit the registration fee as all previous information which was submitted is held in the SVA database. 

The registration pack you will receive  contains more information on the overview of the scheme, on the coaching scholarships that are available to registered coaches to support attendance at a wide variety of events.   It also includes the Continuous Professional Development  (CPD) programme which has been structured by the SVA for the coming season.

The registration process can be undertaken now and must be completed by the time of the first Schelde Sports National League fixture that you participate in. 

To contact the SVA Office you can call Stephanie on 0131 556 4633 or email

My thanks for your help with this programme, and best wishes for the coming season.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching