Portobello Beach a hit with spectators

On the back of Friday’s rain and gale force wind, it was a pleasant surprise to turn up to Portobello beach on the Saturday to find the sun shining and just the faintest breath of wind. So much for packing a hat and scarf, sunscreen and vest tops should have been top of the list.

Onto the action – 7 courts were up, all full with delighted beach volleyball players playing up to the passing crowds. With the tournament to be completed in just one day there were plenty of games to be played.

Men’s division 1 was a tough competition with hopefuls Seain Cook and Jamie McHardy making the finals against veteran Graham Riddle and new partner Mike Penny. The young guns clinched the first set 21-17 and looked to be cruising in the second when Riddle and Penny clawed it back, a ‘net drop’ serve taking them to 20-20, but Cook/McHardy finished it off in 2, 22-20 in the end.

Men's Division 1 Winners - McHardy/Cook  Women's Division 1 Winners - Zakoutska/Coutts

Women’s division one saw several new pairings battle it out for top spot with Aleks Toloczko and Gillian Lyall making it through to the final to face Mel Coutts and Kamila . Aleks and Gillian had beaten Mel and Kamila in the first match of the day, but Coutts Zakoutska battled it out to take the final 2-0, 21-17, 21-18.

Men’s division 2 was won by Chris Gill and Alex Mackenzie, congratulations to them as they are regular attendees at this event.

Men's Division 2 Winners - Gill/McKenzie  Men's Under-19 Winners - Arthur/Brown

U19 men’s was won convincingly by Rhys Arthur and Craig Brown in the final, beating Chris McHardy andConnall Tennant, 21-9, 21-7.

Thank you to everyone, especially Colin Paterson, who made this event possible. We couldn’t do it without volunteers helping to erect all the nets and marquee, and of course take it all down again after a long hard day. People in volleyball are just brilliant!!

Mel Coutts