Scottish Universities Beach Volleyball Event 2012

The build-up to the Scottish Universities Beach Volleyball event on Saturday 5th May didn’t look good. Rain had been falling for most of the week and although the forecast was dry for the Saturday, the forecast threatened freezing temperatures. And so to the morning of the event, the sky was blue and although it was chilly, the sun was shining on a perfectly still St Andrews beach.

Early Saturday morning on West Sands, St Andrews

This year’s event was a week later than last year, but there was a great turnout from across Scottish Universities, and particularly from St Andrews, Strathclyde and Edinburgh. Local knowledge and previous beach experience soon began to show however with two St Andrews teams getting through to the semi-finals in both the men’s and women’s pools.

The women’s final took place first and it saw the experienced Aberdeen pair playing against St Andrews 1.  The experience of the Aberdeen pair, which had been evident all day soon began to show itself and they won the final 2 – 0 (21-13, 21-13).

The men’s final was an all local event with St Andrews 1 and St Andrews 2 beating off opposition from Stirling and Edinburgh in the semi-finals. The first set went to the more experienced St Andrew 1 team, 21-14, but St Andrews 2 started the second set strong. In set two both teams played fantastic beach volleyball with power attacks and great reactive defence. The St Andrews 1 team however won through 21-19.

Women’s Results:

1.  Aberdeen

2.  St Andrews 1

3.  St Andrews 2

4.  Queen Margaret

5.  Stirling

6.  St Andrews 3

7.  Edinburgh 1

8.  Edinburgh 2

9.  Abertay

10. Heriot Watt

Women's Winners - Aberdeen 1 - Lilian Leiber and Aleks ToloczkoMen’s Results:

1.  St Andrews 1

2.  St Andrews 2

3.  Stirling

4.  Edinburgh 1

5.  Strathclyde 2

6.  Strathclyde 3

7.  Edinburgh 2

8.  Strathclyde 1

9.  St Andrews 3

10. Abertay 2

11. Abertay 1

12. Heriot Watt 2

13. Heriot Watt 1

Men's Winners - St Andrews 1 - Callum Moir and Brian Archambault  Men's Runners-Up - St Andrews 2 - Felix Gerhardinger and Arnaud Boreux