Dundee School Festival

When sport is taking place the human side of any game can have an effect onQueensferry HS the outcome whether it’s from the players, officials or the administrators.  This schools’ festival was nothing different.  There were the usual withdrawals which were blameless and the officials (players) were magnificent.  The players excelled and made improvements throughout the day.  So it was a very successful and exciting festival.

Because of withdrawals there was a ‘Nomads’ team in each event and it provided an opportunity for all players to get court time.  There were two pools of four in both the boys and girls halls and they played a round robin
format.  In the afternoon there were pools 1 and 2 with some very close and exciting games.  The 20 minute games allowed the teams to develop their soft touch control of the service, the smooth setting and then the sharp hitting.  There was some great defence in the boys’ hall and the girls worked hard to develop their systems.  An amazing day, with great progress made by Kinross High School in the boys’ event and Craigmount High in the girls.

Belmont Academy AThe eventual winners were Belmont Academy A for the boys and Queensferry High in the girls.  Thank you all for an enjoyable day, for all the work done in the preparation and for the action on the day.  Well done and I hope to see most of you again next year.

John Scrimgeour