Cash for Clubs Funding

Cash 4 Clubs has been helping sports clubs up and down the country but weCash for Clubs recognise that we can only help so many. There are other funds and sources of grants available for sports clubs around the United Kingdom.

Apart from the network of sports-related bodies, local and regional councils are another source of potential funding not listed here. Most local authorities will have a pot of money available for local sports clubs. We suggest you check out your local and regional councils’ websites for local grant schemes that might be available.

We have picked out some of the most popular sports funds to assist you if you are looking for sports funding for your club. From big money funds like the National Lottery to the more specialised Football Foundation, there are plenty of opportunities out there if you are looking to raise additional income for your sports club. Have a read of our reviews of the major sports funds and have a look at our compiled list of other sources of sports funding.

Please note that these are reviews only, and interested applicants should visit the relevant websites for the full up-to-date information.

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