Session 3 of the 2011/12 Fast Track Programme


Sessions 1 and 2 of the Fast Track Programme have come and gone – Emma ClarksonWelcome to session 3. 

The success of the FT Programme is seen in the support it receives from players, coaches and clubs, in the feedback from the players, and the improvements in the performance standards of all who get involved.

Session 3 will focus on how the setter can repair broken situations in the game.  It will look at tactics and timing, and of course ball handling.  Are you available?

There will be two session 3 venues;

Date Venue Time Session Theme
Saturday 18th
February 2012

Coltness HS

10am-4pm Dealing with broken play and repairing game situations
Saturday 18th
February 2012
Banchory Academy
10am-4pm Dealing with broken play and repairing game situations

•    The sessions will be practical – both setters and their coaches will work hard
•    They will be presented by SVA Staff Coaches
•    They are free

To get a place on the Fast Track Programme you have to be nominated by your coach, or your PE Teacher, or your parents……the places are limited so you should act now to make sure you get one………as a starting point you should contact Stephanie at the SVA Office, and state your interest in the Fast Track Programme.

Contact Stephanie at the SVA Office by Email, or by phone 0131 556 4633 and we will get back to you with details, and hopefully the offer of a place.  Make a date, this one is important.
Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching
January 30th 2012

Photograph by kind permission of Mike McConville