Statistical Analyses Project

In April 2012 Scotland will play host to the Junior Men’s Final of Scotland YS Playersthe European Championship (Small Countries Division).  The event represents an outstanding opportunity to conduct a statistical analyses on the performance standards of the top teams in our European Division.

The analysis project will involve;

•   Recording the statistics on a total of 15 matches – 3 per day for the five day event
•   This will involve a team of  three people in each match, with the teams alternating between recording two matches in a day (matches 1 and 3), and one match in a day (match 2)
•   The programme will be lead by an experienced coach/statistician
•   There will be a preparation and training programme for the selected recorders
•   The statistical results that are produced will be analysed post event, and a full report completed and circulated to all relevant parties.

The result of the analyses will be used by the Coaches Commission to help inform and direct future coach and players development initiatives, and set more informed performance standards for our junior players.

Scotland YS PlayersThe hope is that there are people out there in Scottish Volleyball who would be interested in becoming  involved.  As already stated a training programme will be put in place for those who sign up, are you interested?  If the answer is yes I would ask you to contact the SVA Office.  Your help will be appreciated, and your efforts will help ensure the success of this landmark project.

Thomas Dowens
Chair Coaches Commission