London Olympic Appointments

Scottish Volleyball is delighted to announce the appointment of Iain Cook15 NTO’s to the London 2012 Olympic Games next year. Scottish Volleyball has representation in all 3 volleyball disciplines next year and CEO Margaret Ann Fleming comments ‘ This is great news for the NTO’s and Scottish Volleyball as a whole. All the NTO’s have sacrificed so much time and effort for this opportunity and I am very proud of them that they will be on the grandest stage of them all at London 2012″.

Im sure everyone will agree that this is an excellent feat for the NTO’s and all of Scottish Volleyball wish you the best of luck next year.

John Swan, Grant Macintyre and Brian MacDougall are also still in the running to be referee’s at the event so a very big good luck to these men for this potential appointment.

The successful NTO’s are


Alice Stewart – NLVC – Linejudge
Douglas Orr – South Ayrshire – Scorer
Grant Macintyre – Scorer
Brian MacDougall – Scorer
Iain Hannah – Jets – Linejudge
John Swan – Linejudge


Iain Cook – Dundee – Scorer
Michelle Paterson – St Andrews – Scorer
Sue Kee – NLVC – Scorer
Nina Bauer – Scorer/Linejudge
Martin Beaton – Linejudge
Jamie Salvin – St Andrews – Linejudge
Craig Barron – Linejudge


Hannah Lawrie – Scorer
Santiago Halle – Linejudge