Referees Commission October Newsflash

Who are we?
TheMartin Beaton Referees’ Commission is a group of referees who are responsible for: keeping the SVA up to date with the FIVB rules and regulations; scheduling and staffing refereeing courses for SVA members; appointing officials for first division National League matches and other events in Scotland; and also for nurturing talent in Scotland with a view to involvement at a national and international level. Our work involves volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball.

What have we been doing recently?
We have been very busy conducting courses in the run-up to the 2011/2012 season. A massive congratulations to all our newly qualified and upgraded referees!
•    13 August Ravenscraig – 4 candidates passed Grade II, (assessed by Grant MacIntyre and John Swan)
•    17 September Kilmarnock – 4 candidates passed Grade II, (assessed by Grant MacIntyre)
•    18 September Orkney – 3 candidates passed Grade IV, (assessed by Alice Stewart)
•    18 September Kilmarnock – 4 candidates pJNL Refassed 1st half of Grade III Fast track (assessed by Sandy Steel)
•    18 September Prestwick Academy – 5 candidates passed Grade III (assessed by Steve Scott)
•    21 September Orkney – 1 candidate passed Grade III (assessed by Alice Stewart)
•    24 September Lasswade- 8 candidates passed Grade IV (assessed by Albert Jaster)
•    25 September Wishaw – 28 candidates attended a JNL refereeing course (delivered by Tom Rooney, Alice Stewart and Aileen Hall)
•    1 October Dundee – 18 candidates passed Grade IV (assessed by John Swan)

What’s in the pipeline?
Here are a few of the projects ongoing at present:
•    We are hoping to get SVA referee uniforms available for purchase soon.
•    There are three International Referees in Scotland at present, (John Swan, Brian MacDougall and Grant MacIntyre) – we are planning for the future and trying to identify candidates who may wish to follow in their steps through an “Elite” programme.
•    We are supporting the Scottish Women’s National Team at the “Net-Gain Series” – we will provide referees and test new rules and changes to the scoring system.

How can you get involved?
It’s important that your Club members have a good understanding of the rules – Clubs are always required to provide officials for matches, and a better knowledge of the game makes for better players! If you would like a refereeing course to be held in your region, please contact us through the SVA. And if you are interested in training towards becoming an International referee, (in any of the volleyball disciplines), do get in touch!

Sue KeeLet’s make Scottish Volleyball Bigger, Better and Stronger!!


Sue Kee

Referees Commission