UK School Games Tournament

UK School Games Programme 2011

Saturday 13th August 2011
Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre
Team Preparation Tournament

Mark LawsonThe 2011 UK School Games Development Programme is unfolding as planned with a host of talented kids being ‘discovered and developed’.  This coming Saturday, August 13th, provides an opportunity for you to come along and see the progress that is being made, as well as supporting the efforts of the players, coaches and match officials.

Saturday 13th August, Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre will be the stage for an all day tournament featuring the Scottish UKSG sides, with the YS Squads, and the Northern Ireland Cadet teams.

The schedule of matches is listed below – entry to the event is free – why not get along to the Ravenscraig Centre and add your support to the rich UKSG mixture………


Match Schedule

Time Boys Teams Officials Girls Teams
10.15 Sco En Vs YS Boys NI Cadets Sco EN Vs YS Girls 
11.20 Sco WS Vs NI Cadets YS Teams  Sco WS Vs NI Cadets
12.30 Sco EN Vs NI Cadets Sco WS  Sco EN Vs NI Cadets
13.35 Sco WS Vs YS Boys Sco EN  Sco WS Vs YS Girls
14.40 YS Boys Vs NI Cadets Sco WS  YS Girls Vs NI Cadets
15.50 Sco EN Vs Sco WS YS Teams  Sco EN Vs Sco WS