Women in Volleyball

Linda Anderson, Jenny Krawczyk, Jess ReidThe Coaches Commission are launching a new programme for season 2011- 2012, to  help support the development of more ‘Women in Volleyball’.

In addition to the fabulous athletes who populate the women’s teams in the various leagues, there are already a number of women participating successfully in positions of responsibility in Scottish Volleyball;
•    Margaret Ann Fleming is the CEO
•    Mel Coutts and Shelly Paterson are on the SVA Board
•    Jen Downs is President of the Special Events Commission
•    Alice Stewart is a key member of the Referees Commission
•    Leigh Watson is a key member of the Coaches Commission
•   Jess Reid has almost single handedly established Marr College as a powerhouse  of the Junior Club scene……and there are others.

Scottish Volleyball is justifiably proud of our record of supporting the involvement of women in the sport, and we want to do more.

•    Would you like to become more involved in the game in Scotland?
•    Is there something we can help you with to become more involved?
•    Is there something that would make it easier for you to get involved?
•    Is there some area you would want to get involved with, but are not sure who to ask?

The Coaches Commission is leading on this initiative.  One area we would particularly like to see a greater female involvement with  is coaching, perhaps especially at the National League level.  However there are other potential development pathways into areas of the game, like refereeing, or event management, or administration …… if you have an interest in doing more, then we can help by emailing the office. Your ideas and details shall be forwarded onto the Coaches Commission.