A new competition for Scottish Volleyball

The final of the North East Regional league  took place at Dundee University on Sunday 8th May  when the top three teams – Arbroath, Bon Accord and Perth – met to compete in the finals play off. 

Final TeamsThe North East Regional League is an experimental league which is designed to provide a bridge between National and District League competition.  Seven teams competed in the league over the past five months.  The most  extreme weather  for the past 60 provided one of a number of challenges in delivering the league, but those teams that met up at Dundee University on Sunday demonstrated that this form and level of competition provides a valuable new environment for volleyball.

The matches were highly competitive and the teams – a blend of youth and experience – served up some entertaining rallys  and demonstrated real endeavour in trying to claim the inaugural trophy.  First match of the afternoon saw a tight game between Arbroath and Bon Accord where the points swung between one and then the other team.  After taking the first set 25-22, Bon Accord found Arbroath a tough  nut  to crack and following a second set reverse of 22-25, the final set was another seesaw which had both  teams refusing to concede the match and showing a real desire to triumph.  In  the end the greater consistency of Bon Accord resulted in a 17-15 final set victory.

The  second fixture mirrored the first in many ways.  An experienced Perth team seemed to have the match in their pocket following a first set 25-8 demolition of Bon Accord, who  struggled to contend  with  the  strong Perth serving.  However Bon Accord rallied in the second set – quite literally! – and stabilised their passing to allow them to  challenge Perth at the net.  They  held their nerve to take the second set 25-23 and continued the momentum  to pip Perth in an  exciting final set 17-15, to claim  the first ever North East Regional League title.  The final match of the afternoon was a rather tame event once the silverware had been claimed,  Perth and Arbroath playing out a 2 – 0 (25-13, 25-9) victory for Perth  in a match where they were never under threat.Bon Accord- Winners

The feedback from those  teams involved in the league has  been positive, suggesting that this might be a level of competition which could be introduced in other  parts of the country.  Further work needs to be carried out regarding the  most appropriate format and delivery mechanism, but the engagement of the teams and the enthusiasm for the competition suggests that this might be a valuable addition to national competition in Scotland. 

North East Regional League Final Positions

1st Bon  Accord
2nd Perth
3rd Arbroath
4th Dundee University
5th Mearns Academy
6th Woodbank
7th Aberdeen University

Paul McPate