Beach Tour: St Andrews


Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2011, is the St Andrews Beach Volleyball Championships, sponsored this year by Matalan. The men’s and women’s Championship finalists will compete in beach wear supplied by Matalan’s new Surf Shop range.

The Championships are played over both days, while the Division 2, Junior men and women and mixed recreational compete on Saturday only. Borders artist John McPhail has created the 5th in his Volleyball series of figures for this year, however Mel Coutts who has a full set of the previous four figures from four wins is unavailable for St Andrews this year. So the women’s championship title and new trophy is up for grabs this year. This means that Graham Riddle can be the only player who can hold a full set of the McPhail originals to add to his remarkable 4 championship wins if he triumphs again this year.

St Andrews

St Andrews is the Beach Volleyball weekend tournament where players stay over, by either beach camping or staying at the St Andrews University halls – 01334 462000. Saturday night is traditionally held in No. 1 Golf Place, this has always been the Beach Volleyballers venue.

For those new to Beach Volleyball, bring clothing for a Scottish weekend, but also bring sun cream, whistle and a folding chair is invaluable.

Colin McGinlay