One sleep to go….!

 ………to the biggest weekend of the SVA Calendar

……………the SVA National Cup Finals Extravaganza!!!

Reflection of a winnerWho are you supporting? Shall it be the magic of City of Edinburgh Club with 4 teams playing on the Sunday?

Who are you supporting? Is it Orkney who consistently reach SVA finals and travel miles to be involved?

Who are you supporting? Troon VC in all its many names and threads with 3 teams in the finals weekend?


There are teams playing over two days which represent the depth of Scottish Volleyball. From University to school clubs, such as Marr College; from individual achieveJamie McHardy with COE team matesments ie. Jamie McHardy, who is in two National finals and will receive his first cap certificate all on Sunday.

We also recognise the achievements of Su Ragazzi VC and Mets VC with 2 teams on various days and different finals and then to have a team representing Lanarkshire in a North Lanarkshire venue is truly outstanding for Scottish volleyball. Also representing two of our major cities; from Dundee we have Dundee University and from Edinburgh we have Nuvoc, who will all compete for the trophies.

We want to wish all teams the very best for this weekend.

Do not be a home this weekend, come out to Wishaw sport Centre, come to watch excellence and come to be part of something truly special.

FBS    10:00    Men’s Plate    Glasgow Mets II    vs    NUVOC
FBS    12:00    Women’s Plate    Orkney    vs    Troon II
FBS    14:00    Women’s Thistle    NLVC    vs    Dundee University
FBS    16:00    Men’s Thistle    Troon    vs    Glasgow Mets

FBS    10:00    Women’s JNL Final    City of Edinburgh  vs    North Lanarkshire Ragazzi
FBS    12:00    Men’s JNL Final        City of Edinburgh  vs    Marr College
FBS    14:00    Men’s Scottish Cup   City of Glasgow Ragazzi vs    City of Edinburgh
FBS    16:00    Women’s Scottish Cup Troon, Prestwick & Ayr    vs    Edinburgh


Margaret Ann