Playoffs decide Scotland’s representatives for Celtic Cup

This weekends playoffs will not only decide the 1st division champions, but will also decide Scotland’s representatives for the Celtic Cup which is being played on the 22nd May.

The playoffs are played over two days, therefore each team will have the opportunity to play a home and away match.

The teams still in contention are:


9th April

Glasgow Mets Vs Kilmarnock Blaze (League Title)

City of Edinburgh Vs City of Glasgow Ragazzi (3rd/4th)

10th April

Kilmarnock Blaze Vs Glasgow Mets (League Title)

City of Glasgow Ragazzi Vs City of Edinburgh (3rd/4th)


9th April

City of Edinburgh Vs Troon, Prestiwck & Ayr (League Title)

Edinburgh Jets Vs Su Ragazzi (3rd/4th)

10th April

Troon, Prestwick & Ayr Vs City of edinburgh (League Title)

Su Ragazzi Vs Edinburgh Jets (3rd/4th)


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