Small Countries Divison Executive Meeting

CEV SCD Executive Meeting in LondonThe Executive Committee held a meeting in London to coincide with the Board of Administration meetings hosted by Volleyball England.

Chaired by Vice President Margaret Ann Fleming (SCO) as President Andreas Stavrou was unable to travel for health reasons and Niclas Joensen (FER) could not attend for business reasons, Excom members Burkhardt Disch (LUX) joined Secretary General Philippe Schuerman (LIE) and Press Officer Paddy Murphy (NIR) to review work since the General Meeting last autumn in Ljubljana. Scottish President Jim Berryman attended as an Observer ahead of joining Fleming and Murphy as Volleyball England guests at a reception for the CEV Board.

Jim Berryman, SVA PresidentIt was agreed after discussion with President Andre Meyer that staffing arrangements for SCD and administrative support would be reviewed and steps will be taken to progress a survey of member Federations. The SCD Excom also considered working areas such as the re-modelling of the SCD Logo; Strategic Operational Plan updates, Membership Participation within Competitions, Annual subscriptions and the forthcoming CEV elections in Vienna at September Conference 2011.