Troon Beach Event

Troon Beach EventA bit of extra excitement was added to an otherwise regular Troon Beach Tournament as a group of Zambian boys appeared from the Mthunzi Aids Orphanage in Zambia and asked if they could join in the matches. They are supported by a charity based in Lochgilphead called M.A.L.I. and had been down in Troon performing for the Lady of the Assumption.  As well as their impressive volleyball skills, the boys sing, dance and play drums!

The girls abandoned their two by two matches in order to rise to the challenge and formed a formidable 6 side: Sarah Robertson, Hannah Grant, Gillian Hair, Eilidh Cruse, Laurie McKillop and Catherine Nairn, with Courtney Elliot and Katie Barber standing by as reserves. The girls did a rousing group chant of GOOOOOO SCOTLAND and then were completely taken aback by the boys’ tribal chant which got louder and louder, drawing all the crowds over to the unusual spectacle on the beach.

Troon Beach EventThe match went to three sets but the girls just edged out the boys 2-1. The boys were delighted to be allowed to join in and we think the girls really enjoyed having such a random opposing side to compete against. The charity was delighted with the hospitality shown by Vince and the girls and left with many thanks – I think the girls made their visit! Thank you also goes to the girls from Margaret Ann Fleming for representing Scottish Volleyball in a very positive light and all their enthusiasm in rising to the African challengers.

Helen Cruse