St Andrews Beach Volleyball Championships – The McPhail Collection

This is the fouth year that St Andrews Beach Volleyball Championships have presented John McPhail trophies to winners, unlucky Colin Paterson who won the St Andrews Beach Volleyball Championships the previous two years. The McPhail trophies started with two  back in 2007, and is now truly a collection of seven unique returned trophies. 

all the returned trophies

The winners of every competative league receives a McPhail original to keep. The picture below shows all these trophies from 2007, The Digger, 2008, The Volleyer, 2009, The Server and for 2010 I think John has produced his best work in The Diver. Remarkably both Mel Coutts and Graham Riddle have a complete set of all the trophies to date.

The Tournament Collection

Below is a picture of the entire McPhail Collection centered around the newest major trophy, the One Golf Place trophy to be awarded for the first time at this years Championships. One Golf Place the premier Golf pub in St Andrews for this weekend turns into a venue for Beach Volleyball.

The MacPhail Collection