Glasgow Mets Sitting Volleyball

GB v MetsSitting Volleyball is still a relatively new sport within the UK however it is growing with nearly a dozen established teams in England alone. For the past two years Glasgow Mets in conjunction and support from many people including the staff of the SVA and The Great Britain Sitting Volleyball Programme have been establishing our own team, the first of its kind in Scotland.

This started with a high profile game against the full UK squad where the AB’s (able bodied) as we are known by the sitting team helped the one sitting member at that time put on a good show. Since then the group has grown to a team of eight regular members, with Mets players from our other teams participating as often as they can.

Sitting volleyballThis Summer alone the group has attracted a couple of new members, had a visit and coaching session from the GB Women’s sitting coach and Mets as a club have had several sitting volleyball nights with more to come.

In addition to this I am delighted to announce that a mixed team from Mets will be attending a Sitting Volleyball Tournament in Cambridge over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of August. This will be the Sitting Team’s first competitive outing and will also be the first time that Scotland is represented in the sitting arena.

Margaret Ann Fleming CEO of Scottish Volleyball said “I am delighted that the Glasgow Mets and the sitting section of the club have developed strongly over the past I8 months to such an extent that they are confident enough to enter a well established tournament. Scottish Volleyball wishes them every success, good luck!”

The team of individuals that will attend the event are as follows;

David Morgan
Robert McPherson
Stephanie Foley
Christine McDermott
Andy Fleming
Amanda Burke
Dominic Sirant
Best of Luck to the team!