The Player of the Year Awards …. and other individual honours.

[Pictures of the Award Winners]

The SVA’s Finals Weekend is a showcase for the best of our sport, and an opportunity for teams from all of our playing levels to shine.  It’s also one of the occasions we have to recognise the contribution made by some of the very talented individuals who populate the Scottish Game.

The FINALWHISTLEMEDIA Player of the Year Award is one of the most anticipated individual prizes.  The voting takes place at the end of the season and features the top players from the Top Division.  The very popular winners this year were Gavin Watt, the number one setter from Championship winners City of Edinburgh, and Mel Coutts, the power hitter also from Championship winners City of Edinburgh.

The other winners in the men’s event were:
Stuart Edgar Middle Blocker from Kilmarnock
Andrew McKernan      Power Hitter from Bon Accord
Colin Macnab Swing Hitter from City of Edinburgh
The other winners from the ladies event were:
Natalyia Durkaca Setter from City of Edinburgh
Laura McReady Swing Hitter from Su Ragazzi
Lindsey Bunten Power Hitter from Troon, Prestwick and Ayr

In it’s second year as part of the SVA’s award structures is the Hannah Scott Award.  This award is presented, in memory of Hannah, to the Most Valuable Player from the U19 Junior Finals. This year the standard of performance in these games, from all of the teams involved, was the highest we have seen yet, and in the excitement of the competition the award recipients shone out.

Gillian Hair, the setter for Marr College lead her team, worked her socks off, set with excellence, and played the whole match with smile on her face.

Jamie McHardy power hitter for City of Edinburgh ‘A’  made an outstanding contribution to the game, and his team’s win.  He was ably supported by several other contenders for the award in what was a very close vote, but finally Jamie ‘edged it’……. the power of his spiking, the cleverness of his serving tactics, the effectiveness of his blocking were all ‘out of the top drawer’.

Many many congratulations to both winners.

The final individual recognitions featured a new initiative for the SVA.  Inspired and developed by the Team Mangers for the National Team Programmes, we celebrated the achievement of ‘first Caps’ for a series of players.  The players who were recognised were;

Claire Penny and Cathy Smy both from City of Edinburgh
Caroline Clayton from Troon, Prestwick and Ayr
Kay Wheatley from South Ayrshire
Laura Boulton from Edinburgh Jets
Gavin Watt from City of Edinburgh
Alasdair King from City of Glasgow Ragazzi
Mike Penny from Team Fife.

Playing for your country is an honour and an achievement, the SVA were delighted to acknowledge the success of all of the players concerned.

So a final congratulations to all who were recognised, your efforts have been a significant part of success of the Finals Weekend, and the past season.

Margaret Ann Fleming
CEO Scottish Volleyball