Player of the Year 2009/2010

It’s the ‘business end’ of the 2009/10 volleyball season.  This is the point where the Champions emerge, where the trophies are won, where the efforts of the players who have graced the volleyball courts throughout the length and breadth of Scotland are recognised.  This is the time when the votes are cast for the FINALWHISTLEMEDIA, Player of the Year. 

Last year the efforts of Linsey Buntin of Troon, and Ally Galloway from City of Glasgow Ragazzi were recognised as the top performers in Division I of the Schelde National League by their playing colleagues.  What of this year?  Who has impressed you ?  Whose efforts do you believe have been characterised by excellence?  Who has been the driving force in the teams you have played against?

This has an extremely competitive year so far, your support for the FINALWHISTLEMEDIA,  Player of the Year Awards is very much hoped for.

The voting papers will be available from Monday 15th March 2010.  Voting papers are available from the SVA Office and will also be sent to Club Administrators and Team Coaches.

The voting process will be concluded on Sunday 4th April 2010. The presentation of the awards will be made on Sunday 25th April, at Wishaw Sports Centre, as part of the SVA’s Finals Weekend celebration.
Good luck to all involved, and please support this wonderful event by exercising your right to vote.

Photographs reproduced with kind permission from L Marshall