Coach Discussion Forums

The main idea is now well established…….. the Coach Forums are talking shops – and why not!! 

Coaches talk…a lot…among all the other things we do, and why not!  Mostly we talk to players, the Coach Forum project is to provide the opportunity for Coaches to talk to other Coaches, perhaps even to reflect a little on what we do, and how effective it is.

Thursday February 18th is the next scheduled Forum, and it is in the West of the Country

The date         Thursday February 18th
The venue       Garfield Hotel, Stepps Glasgow
The time         19.30 – 21.30

The topic….well there are several possible threads…….

  • Talent Identification – what is that
  • Talent Retention – what can we do to keep the best of our kids in Scotland
  • Programme Development – how do we get our game to progress….just get more practice slots?

I would ask you to contact the SVA Office email to signal that you will attend the session – but you can also just show up on the night!  You will be welcome, as will your views and perspectives on Scottish Volleyball.

Are you interested?

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching