Fast Track Programme 2010

Fast TrackSession III – the setters, and their middle hitters

Fast Track – what is it?
It’s a programme designed to accelerate the progress which can be made by our best young players – to help them access the Scottish National Teams, and hopefully and eventually the GB Teams.

Who gets invited?
You have to be nominated by your Coach – whether that’s in a Junior or a senior programme – your coach has to contact the SVA and establish a dialogue

This is session three?
Yes, session one looked at the work of the setter in isolation. Session two looked at the setters with their outside hitters. Session three will feature the setters with the middle attackers.

So there’s an advantage to having been at sessions I and II
For the setters yes – for the Middle Hitters this is the first chance you have had to attend. You can access session three and benefit from the opportunity…..if your coach nominates you.

Date Saturday 6th February 2010
Venue Coltness High School in Wishaw
Time Women’s session 09.45 – 12.30
Men’s session 13.15 – 16.00
Subject Fast Track – Day III … Setters with their Middle Hitters

It will be intense, it will be fun, it will be rewarding, it will be demanding and to be there you need to get your Coach to nominate you. Places on this Fast Track day will be limited, so act now!

Contact me at the SVA Office by Email, or by phone and I will get back to you with details, and hopefully the offer of a place. Make a date, this one is important.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching