Coach of the Year Award 2010

Simon ColemanQ What honour do Vince Krawczyk and Barry McGuigan share……?
A. They are the SVA’s current ‘Coaches of the Year’.

A new system to identify the Coach of the Year was introduced last year – very successfully. The Coach of the Year programme will come around again in the Spring of 2010, this is a ‘Heads Up’ to remind you to keep a thought at the back of your mind for the Coach who has impressed you this season.

Could it be Simon Coleman for his superb back to back wins against England with the Junior Men’s National Team ?

What about the coaches who are working with the Junior National League teams ….. Jess Reid at Marr College …..? Or Heather Darling at City of Edinburgh ….? The Coach of the Year programme is open to all those who are coaching in Scotland.

The actual voting process is quite straightforward, and will be explained fully when the programme ‘kicks off’ at the end of the season. For now the hope is that you will acknowledge the effect your coach is having on your team’s performance, and at the same time cast an eye over the work being done by the coach of the ‘other’ team.

Who is working to raise the performance bar? Who is inspiring their players to achieve? Who is driving the game forward and setting this year’s standard ……… your opinion is valued ……..  Who will be the 2010 Coach of the Year?