Scotland Ladies Luxembourg team selection

Womens National Team - Practice SessionOn Sunday the Scotland Senior Ladies took part in their final practice at Coltness High School, Wishaw ahead of the selection of the squad for the Novotel Cup in January in Luxemburg.

The morning session for the ladies was based around firstly spatial awareness and secondly hitting power.

The ladies worked very hard, continuing to blend together as a squad but with increased intensity as the selection was getting imminent. Movement was quicker, hitting was more powerful and camaraderie amongst both the regulars and the newbies was excellent.

The afternoon session took the form of a series of sets against the Scotland U19 squad ahead of their final selection. The senior ladies took all the mornings learnings into the sets and built very cohesive units for each set, even with the unusual number of changes made by head coach John French to allow him to see all ladies on the court at different times.

The Junior Ladies worked extremely hard throughout, making the seniors work for every point and creating some exceptional winning rallies of their own.

The seniors were too strong and too mature in their shot play, the juniors struggled at times to stop their opponents, 5-0 was the final score but no one was really counting since most sets were fiercely contested.

Both squads got the run outs they wanted and both senior coaches were happy they got to see their players in another competitive environment prior to selection.

The senior ladies selection was tough, as always, with bundles of maturity and winning mentality on show but only 12 could go this time.

The team for Luxembourg is:-

Player Club
Linsey Bunten   Troon, Prestwick & Ayr
Elaine Krawcyzk  Troon, Prestwick & Ayr
Lindsay Coburn Su Ragazzi
Anne Morrish Holte IF
Cathie Smy City of Edinburgh
Klaudia Wieczorek Leeds Met
Jill Runciman Edinburgh Jets 1
Laura McReady Su Ragazzi
Caroline Clayton Troon, Prestwick & Ayr
Laura Boulton Edinburgh Jets 1
Claire Stewart City of Edinburgh
Jen Thom Great Britain

Congratulations to them and well done to all the squad for their continuing commitment and hard work.

Role on the next session on 13th December.

Tom Rooney