Fast Track 2009 Session II

Fast Track SessionSession II – the Setters…..and the outside hitters
On a fairly dreich Saturday in November the car park at Coltness High School filled up with smiling people coming to participate in Fast Track Session II.  FTS1 which was held in October had featured the setters, and had looked at the basic structures around what these key players did.  FTS2 added the outside spikers to the mix and explored decision making and linkages.  The sessions were both fun, and very rewarding.

The previous Fast Track Programme threw up a number of players who were ‘fast tracked’ into the GB Programme, and the Scottish Senior National Team Programmes – the strong indications are that this year’s version of the FT Programme will do the same.  Newly appointed Senior men’s Coach Simon Loftus was at the session, cast his eye over several of the players who are still in the ‘Junior’ squad, and thought all the players worked very very hard.

The players who were invited to attend the session were supported by a number of talented staff who fed balls, worked with individuals, discussed the coaching process, shared insights, fine tuned the drills… short shared in the high level of expertise which was on show.  Scottish Volleyball has a long a hard earned tradition of developing committed and dedicated coaching staff – the Fast Track Programme is one of the best examples of that tradition that we have.

Fast Track SessionThe players benefited, but that’s because they worked tirelessly to achieve the day’s targets.   The were focussed and determined, and full of smiles and enthusiasm, and yes, it really was as good a day as the picture which is being painted suggest!

Fast Track Day 3 will not be until February.  It will feature the setters and the Middle Blockers, and  it will have to be good to match the quality of Saturday November 7th.  If you are interested in this programme, or want to more get in touch with me at the SVA Office.

Finally my thanks to everyone who made this day such a triumph.  To the players first and foremost for their efforts and their wonderfully positive attitude.  To the staff who gave so willingly of their time and their energy, to Mike for the great photographs, and to Linda for her help in making it all happen.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching.
Photograph by kind permission of  Mike McConville