Dynamo Cup 2009

Dynamo CupThe Dynamo Cup has been running for many years now as part of City of Edinburgh’s pre season preparations. The club has always intended for this tournament to be ‘international’ with the hope that we could attract some of Europe’s finest, as well as some of the top teams north and south of our border. In that respect the 2009 Dynamo Cup has just had its most successful year!

Our success in the league last season helped attract the big Scottish clubs, a strong showing at the end of last season in Leeds promised a return visit from the Carnegie lads for their own pre season match preparation. Our international links within our own club turned out to be very significant when communicating with European clubs. This year’s teams were;
City of Edinburgh VC
Leeds Carnegie VC
Su Ragazzi VC
Kilmarnock VC
Utrecht VC
Dynamo CupThe tournament was off with a bang as a repeat of the Scottish Cup Final was first on the playing schedule. City of Edinburgh vs. Su Ragazzi!

The intensity, competitiveness and high level of volleyball in this match set the tone for the tournament, which continued throughout the weekend. Although Edinburgh came out on top 2-0, Ragazzi displayed some great form in each of their remaining matches during the rest of the tournament, beating every other team the faced!
A very ‘youthful looking’ Kilmarnock VC found the tournament tough going as they begin to rebuild their squad for the coming seasons. Although they fought and scrambled for everything and pushed every team to the limit and came very close, the Kili boys just couldn’t find a win over the two days.

Utrecht certainly offered the European feel to their matches with some great chants and songs along the way. The Dutch suffered heavy defeats at the hands of Leeds and Edinburgh on day 1 but came out fighting on day 2 to squeeze out a win against Kilmarnock.
Leeds Carnegie appeared to be powering their way through the tournament and at the end of day 1 with 2 straight wins, the clash with Edinburgh on the morning of day 2 was set up to be spectacular. However Edinburgh did not perform and Leeds rolled over the top of the capital side making limited errors and some super power plays. Leeds were now odds on favourites to win the tournament!
Ragazzi raised their game once again in the final match of the tournament with the help star guest, GB middle player, Mark McGivirn and defeated Leeds Carnegie 2-1.

With Leeds, Ragazzi and Edinburgh locked on 10 points each, Leeds were found after the count back to win by one set over the capital side to win the 2009 Dynamo Cup!
I would like to thank those who came along to watch us at the weekend that made it a great atmosphere to play in. The public continually drifted in and out throughout both days of the tournament eager to see what was going on, rendering Queensferry High School at full capacity at various points. The cameras flashed and the crowds were lively as they enjoyed some elite volleyball in their local community.
Grade  3 RefereesI also would like to say many thanks to my fellow players (Simon, Colin & Gavin) for lending a hand to help me organise the event, Boudewijn Grievink for coordinating international contacts, our sponsors Activcity, parents and volunteers, Irene Watt and Gordon Hunter for their general support and the organisation of catering, Sandra Grubb for her advice and support, our junior players for line judging and coming along to support us and referees Steve Scott and Graeme Allen for conducting a professionally run Grade 3 Referee course in amongst all the action.
Every year the Dynamo Cup sets an example of how City of Edinburgh VC and the local community work together to put on a fantastic event involving elite sport. If we can do it you can too! Great job everyone!!

Barry McGuigan
City of Edinburgh Volleyball