Curriculum for Excellence

Greg Coburn‘Volleyball – the perfect vehicle for developing a Curriculum for Excellence’

The SVA Curriculum for Excellence course is aimed at providing practical advice and solutions for Physical Education Teachers on using Volleyball to achieve the objectives and outcomes of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence. Strategy.

This very successful and well supported course is in its third year, and the programme structure continues to be mainly practical  The course identifies and addresses the issues associated with using the skills and experiences of Volleyball to develop;

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible individuals
  • Effective contributors

The course will also provide information on the structure and content of a Volleyball curriculum, and aim to identify and develop the key steps for performance development.  The course is part of the Scottish Volleyball Association’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) menu.

The course content will include the following key elements;

  • The course content will include the following key elements;
  • The importance and value of fundamentals
  • Developing decision making skills
  • Developing movement qualities
  • Developing passing and attacking skills
  • Game themes – linkage, rhythm and timing, offence and defence


Malcolm McLeanThe course will take place at the National Training Centre in Inverclyde from Tuesday 6th – Thursday 8th October 2009.  The cost of the course is £150 – this figure is a subsidised price and represents outstanding value for money. 

Further details on this course can be obtained by contacting Kirsteen at the Scottish Volleyball Association on tel 0131 556 4633 or email

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching

Participation grants are available from the SVA – details can be obtained from the SVA Office