UKSG Trial Day – Junior Women

The first UK school games trial day for junior women took place at Meadowmill Sports Centre on Saturday 30th May.

The coaches faced the day with great enthusiasm. It was going to be an opportunity to bring the best of Scottish volleyball talent together and a chance to help these players with their game and to start moulding them in to teams which would ultimately challenge the best of British players at the UK games.

The range of playing experience was wide, from some who had played for junior Scotland, many who had played for senior national league clubs, a lot who had played junior national league and some who didn’t have much playing experience at all. Quite a few had been at previous school games. The experience gathered through all this volleyball activity will stand us in good stead over the next few months.

All the participants threw themselves in to every activity whether it was the warm ups, simple tasks, peppering, all court drills or matches. They were asked to give 100% and they did with unbridled enthusiasm.

The skill level at times was exhilarating with powerful outside hits and quick middle attacks appearing second nature to many.

In the middle of the day the players were asked to break in to groups to list their objectives for the next 3 months and their response was considered, intelligent and thorough.

If they meet these objectives all will be well at the games

At the end of the day the players had worked hard, they looked exhausted and they said they had had a good day. The coaches were well satisfied with what they had seen in terms of the current skill level, the application and the potential.

Every player was invited back to the second trial day on the 20th June and they all deserved their place.

The coaches and administrators deserve a mention at this point. Sandra Grubb’s input was enthusiastically delivered and precise and is a great role model for all the participants. Ian Parker’s contribution was significant, incisive and clear and Linda Anderson was her usual model of efficiency and helpfulness. Anderson no.2 ( Eilidh) is set to be an invaluable member of the group both on the admin front and on the coaching side and is a great example of a graduate of the UK school games. We look forward to coach Heather Darling’s input at the session on the 20th June. This weekend she was on volleyball duty with City of Edinburgh in Finland.

If you missed the first trial day, you are welcome to attend the second trial day on 20th June at Wishaw Sports Centre. (Please check age criteria elsewhere on this website). It you can, let the SVA offices know in advance if you wish to attend for the first time.

Players who attended for trial on the 30th May


Emily Gallacher
Nicola McKenzie
Jo Duncan
Mhairie Donachie

South Ayrshire

Kay Wheatley
Alyson Jones
Lorna McLean
Susan Richmond
Claire Ramage
Lauren Devlin
Lillian Tait
Kate Dalzell

Su Ragazzi and Carluke High School

Emma Clarkson
Michelle Allan

City of Edinburgh

Becky Arthur
Sophie Hunter
Holly Hunter
Gemma Ramsay
Katie Simpson
Debbie Malden
Katharina Lynch
Ellen McGlade
Laura Smith

Marr College and Troon

Gillian Hair
Natalie Caldwell

Marr College

Mhairi Hamilton-Reid
Lauren Gott
Lesley Currie
Madi Little

East Lothian Falcons

Alex Dickenson

Report by Vince Krawczyk