Volleyball on Radio and TV

Margaret Ann FlemingScottish Volleyball is pleased to announce that over the next few weeks we will be represented on both Radio and TV through BBC Radio Scotland and  BBC  Scotland  The SVA CEO Margaret-Ann Fleming will be joining Tommy Boyle of Winning Scotland and South Lanarkshire Councillor Michael McCann, representing the International Children’s Games in 2011, on The John Beattie Sports Weekly Show 92/95FM which will be aired this Saturday between 9.00am and 10.00am.

The Men’s Cup Finals was an outstanding match and event, and now can be seen on BBC Sport Monthly. This TV programme shall be broadcast  on Sunday 3rd May at 5pm on BBC 2 Scotland. This is a significant opportunity for Volleyball to reach a mass audience and we need you to be watching, get those rating figures up and and support your sport and the Association.

To watch City Edinburgh vs Su Ragazzi and hear Alistair Galloway and Barry McGuigan give heartfelt Pre and Post Match Interviews make sure you tune in to both this Saturday’s radio and May’s TV show.

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