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The Small Countries Division celebrates a successful General Assembly in Liechtenstein

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Luxembourg/Vaduz, January 29, 2009. The CEV Small Countries Division (SCD) held its General Assembly in Schaan, Liechtenstein, this past January 23. Thirteen out of 15 member Federations were represented from as far away as the frozen waters off Greenland to the balmy beaches of Cyprus home to SCD President Andreas Stavrou.

The Congress coincided with meetings of the CEV Executive Committee and Board of Administration in Liechtenstein and a very cordial and informative evening banquet was held in the Prince’s Winery with guests from both Liechtenstein and Swiss Volleyball Federations and sports organizations.

A full agenda for the Congress was skillfully mastered by the excellent host and SCD Secretary General, Mr. Philippe Schuermann, and completed on schedule.

Margaret Ann FlemingOutcomes included the establishment of a working party to draw up a 4 Year Strategic Plan, special support allowance for Monaco, selection of venues and confirmation for the next Championships at Senior and Junior levels. Margaret Ann Fleming of Scotland was elected to replace her countryman Kenny Barton as SCD Vice President. Mr Barton now heads up the Great Britain Program for the 2012 London Olympics.

Members were delighted to meet CEV President André Meyer who took time out of his busy schedule of meetings in Liechtenstein to engage with them and confirmed the SCD could be accorded status similar to Zonal Associations enabling presentations and meetings to be had at future CEV Congresses.

Picture: newly named SCD Vice President and Scottish Volleyball CEO, Ms Margaret Ann Fleming

Special thanks to Mr. Paddy Murphy, President of the Northern Ireland Volleyball Association, for having contributed to this report