Introducing Glasgow International

Glasgow International LogoSo who is Glasgow International Volleyball Club?  We are included in the draw for the fourth round of the Scottish Cup.  Are we a new club who have only entered into the cup?  No, we are an existing league club undergoing a name change!  The initials might give you a clue….  Those of you who’ve been around the Scottish Volleyball scene for a while will perhaps affectionately refer to us as “Jinty’s”.  Yes you’ve guessed it – you’ll currently know us as “Glasgow Irish”.

We have to make a confession … nobody in the club is actually Irish.  In fact our closest link is Sinead with her Canadian-Irish roots.  When we reflected on this, we also have Welsh, Dutch, Polish, American and even a little bit of Aussie!  Not forgetting the odd Scot or two!  In other words, we are more ‘International’ than Irish and this is the key to our new identity.  It also has the benefit of keeping the “G.I.” shout.

To recognise our new name we have designed a new logo.  Hopefully the message is clear!

So why go to the hassle of changing our name after the season has begun?  Well it is designed to coincide with some of the exciting things which have been happening at G.I. recently.

We now have a new venue.  We have moved out to the East End of the City to Smithycroft Secondary School.  With great co-operation between Culture Leisure Sport and the School, we will hopefully host out first National League Home Match at this venue.  Special thanks go to Gillian McGuire, Gavin Steel and Margaret Talent.

Now that our feet are definitely in the school, plans are afoot to kick off a junior section at the club.  This should be starting soon on a Tuesday night, in the hour before the adult session.  This is initially going to be offered to senior students at the school and surrounding area.  The location in the East of the City is ideal, because we should be able to offer volleyball in an area where there isn’t already an established club to compete against.

Last season we established links with Caledonian University Women’s team.  With a view to expanding the club, we have maintained this link.  Three of the Caley girls came along to Tuesday’s training session and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

For further information on the club visit us at

Malcolm McLean