Beach Volleyball Juniors - 2020

Beach is back!

Scottish Volleyball are delighted to announce that we are officially back on the beach!

The Juniors are the protagonists of our safe return back to Beach Volleyball and we could not be more excited than this.

The programme that we offer this year is an incredible chance for everyone that missed volleyball to get back at it. Three beach volleyball clubs, three different locations across Scotland and different dates to be back at ‘Playing it Safe’.

The programme offers in each region the opportunity to participate in two development sessions before participating in the qualifiers and national festivals that will be run the last two weekends of September!

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to sign up as there are limited spaces available and we work on a first come first serve basis!


Regional Development Sessions

 Each host will hold 2 regional development sessions and are open to any boy or girl under the age of 18, 16 or 14.  The development sessions will be combined age and gender so that everyone enjoys the session together.  The sessions will be delivered by SVA qualified beach volleyball coaches and assisted by experienced national tour competitors connected to the respective host clubs – you will be in great hands. All sessions will follow current Scottish Volleyball COVID 19 guidelines.

Find out here how to sign up !  

Regional Qualifying Festivals

 There are 3 regional qualifying festivals hosted by our partner clubs. They will be held in St Andrews (West Sands), Troon (South Beach) and Edinburgh (Portobello). Each festival will run 2v2 competitions in both boys & girls U18, U16 & U14 age groups. Each age group will consist of pools of 3 teams (where possible). With timed matches, each team can expect 4 games. There can be multiple pools of teams per age group. Playing in the regional qualifying event of your choice, automatically qualifies you and your partner for the National Festival.

Entering the festivals, the team of two players will be entered into the age group determined by the age of the oldest player in the team, e.g. if one player is 13 and their partner is 15, the team will be entered into the under 16 group.

Players’ age for this competition will be determined by their age on the 1st May 2020.

A player can only enter one qualifying festival in one age group.


The deadline to sign up for the the Festivals is Monday 14th September at 5.00pm. Find out here how to sign up !

All events may be subject to change depending on COVID-19 guidance, weather and registrations.

The National Festival

 The National Festival – where we bring it all together – will be held in Edinburgh (Portobello) over the weekend of the 26th & 27th of September.

There will be gold, silver & bronze groups for each age group. Teams who finished first in their regional qualifying pool will go into the gold group, teams who finished second in their regional qualifying pool will go into the silver group and teams who finished third in their regional qualifying pool will go into the bronze group. From these gold, silver and bronze groups we will create appropriate pools to play out for their final National Festival positions and crown our gold, silver and bronze champions.

To play in the National Festival teams must have played in a Regional Qualifying Festival.

Find out here how to sign up !

All events are subject to change depending on COVID-19 guidance, weather and registrations.

How to sign up

In order to take part in these development sessions and in the competitions, you will need to be a member of the Association, and be signed up through our database.


Members need to be at least Tier 3 (£3), and then purchase development sessions entry at £4 for both sessions. Juniors must be signed up through the system, both for our records, and more importantly for Test & Protect

To do this, follow this link – – create an account, and then purchase a Tier 3 membership (£3).


To register for the development sessions and for the competitions, please follow this link:

If you are having problems with registrations, please check our FAQs section here below. If you still need help to sign up, get in touch with us at



    1. Check you’re actually signed into your account, and that you’ve purchased a membership. Tickets are only available for members, so if you’re not signed in they won’t come up.
    2. If you’re trying to sign up close to the event time, it’s likely the sign-ups have closed. We have to share the ticket information provided with our club organisers, so sign-ups do close from a few hours up to a day before the event, to allow the staff time to share information with the club.
    3. If you think you’re signing up in enough time, and you’ve got the right membership, and are still having issues, give the office a call on 0131 556 4633, or drop us an email at
    1. If you know your username, but not your password, go to the login section, type it in and click Forgot Password to reset.
    2. If you don’t know your username, the likelihood is that it’s your email address. Try doing the same as a above.
    3. If you do not receive a reset link, check your junk to see if it’s been filtered there, and if you still have nothing, give the office number a call on 0131 556 4633, or drop us an email at

Absolutely! Entering these beach events will have no effect on your child playing in the indoor season, no matter which club/s they play with!

Yes. All of our organiser clubs have a dedicated COVID Officer, risk assessments in place, and are following Scottish Volleyball Play It Safe Guidance for safe return to beach volleyball.