Scottish Volleyball’s 4-Year Anti-Doping Strategy 

Scottish Volleyball is committed to promoting and supporting doping-free sport within Scotland and the UK.

Integrity, fairness, equality and respect are values core to success in volleyball. Scottish Volleyball is committed to playing their part in ensuring that the Volleyball community provide an environment that supports fair play and doping-free sport, which can thrive with a clear and comprehensive education and information strategy.

Scottish Volleyball is working in accordance with the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) rules which are the UK’s interpretation and application of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code. The basic principle of which is to protect the right of a volleyball athlete to compete in doping-free sport.

To ensure Scottish Volleyball supports the philosophy of doping-free sport, an Anti-Doping education strategy, Volley Clean, has been developed in partnership with UKAD. Volley Clean is based on a 4-year systematic approach to anti-doping education to firmly integrate this into the development journey of all volleyball athletes at all levels in Scotland.

For more information about Volley Clean and Scottish Volleyball’s commitment to supporting clean sport, click the link below to read Scottish Volleyball’s anti-doping strategy.

Volley Clean Sport Strategy


Year 1 Implementation Plan

The Volley Clean Implementation Plan sets out the key actions for Scottish Volleyball to complete in order to achieve the objectives outlined in the Volleyball Clean Education Strategy for Year 1. In the first year of our implementation plan, we have already completed 40% of our Year 1 plan, with another 40% currently in progress.

To read more about how Scottish Volleyball aims to implement its Volley Clean Plan, click the link below to see a more detailed outline of our first year’s goals.

Year 1 Volley Clean Implementation Plan