Education & Inclusion Commission

Disability & Inclusion Working Group Vacancies

In line with Scottish Volleyball’s Equality Action Plan, we have now created fantastic opportunities for energetic and motivated individuals to help shape our Disability & Inclusive activities. The posts below will be on an initial 2 year basis with the option of extending a further term if agreed by the Education & Inclusion Commission Chair.

  • Acts as chair of any meetings
  • Can act within another role on the Working Group
  • Liaise with SV office staff, Board, and other Commissions to determine timelines, requirements, budgets, and resource needs for programme delivery
  • Will be the main source of contact to the Education & Inclusion Commission
  • Main point of contact for Sitting Volleyball & Inclusion Officer
  • Reports to Scottish Volleyball CEO, Equality Panel or Welfare Officer on any concerns in relation to inclusion within their designated programmes
  • May act in another role within the group.
  • Receives and keeps a file of all correspondence and notes relating to the work of the D&IW
  • In liaison with the WG Leader, prepare the agenda, take minutes at and distribute finalised minutes for all Disability & Inclusion Working Group Meetings
  • Support the WG Leader in the construction of programme reports and reports to the SV office and Education & Inclusion Commission
  • Act as Chair of meetings in the absence of the WG Leader
  • Keep track of all deadlines to be met for tasks set to each of the members of the D&IW
  • Keep track of all financial aspects of the work of the D&IW
  • Assist with the relevant Commission member all expense claims that relate to the work of volunteers organised by the Working Group
  • Negotiate and agree with Education & Inclusion on budget alongside WG Leader and Education & Inclusion Commission Chair
  • Engages with Scottish Volleyball Competitions Officer in relation to National Competitions offered
  • Is the main point of contact for promoting Local and National Competitions
  • Works with Special Events Commission If any support is required for competitions
  • Works with the Scottish Volleyball staff / Commission responsible to ensure the appropriate Risk Assessments have been completed for any competitions offered
  • With the assistance of the Scottish Volleyball Coaching Officer, promote a training programme for Sitting Volleyball Coaching
  • Alongside the Special Events Volunteer Coordinator, recruit and select appropriate people for sitting volleyball events
  • With the support of the Equality Panel and Scottish Volleyball staff, complete an analysis of courses being offered for Sitting Volleyball
  • With the support of the Equality Panel and Scottish Volleyball staff, complete an analysis of competitions being offered for Sitting Volleyball
  • Work with the Scottish Volleyball staff to ensure the yearly Operational plan includes inclusive activities
  • Work with the Regional Development Officers to promote Sitting Volleyball within the Local Authority areas
  • Work with the Scottish Volleyball staff and Volleyball for Scotland charity to identify potential fundraising opportunities
  • Support the Scottish Volleyball CEO to identify sponsors for a future Scottish Volleyball Sitting League / Cup
  • Create initiatives to promote Scottish Volleyball within the disability & inclusive sector with the support of the Scottish Volleyball staff
  • Prepare social media posts / graphics to promote the activities of the Working Group and the inclusive projects that are being delivered
  • Prepare news reports for Scottish Volleyball and other partner websites
  • Work with local and national media to publicise the inclusive nature of the sport

If you wish to apply for any of the positions above, please complete the online Volunteer Recruitment Application Form here.

Candidates will be asked to attend a brief online interview and if successful be required to complete the relevant Volunteer training, for their specific position.