Woodfarm find a way

As we come to the end of what can only be described as a tough year for our sport it great to see that despite the Covid-19 pandemic people who love the game are able to still play. Stuart McCracken faculty head of health and wellbeing at Woodfarm High school was part of our “from the ground up “August development month.  

He has, like all PE departments across Scotland, had to embrace outdoor learning. The massive challenge that he faced was trying to provide a varied curriculum for the school pupils with the limited outdoor resources available. He is the lead for the schools volleyball club was desperate to keep his club going and provide volleyball in the outdoor environment. This led him to contact Scottish Volleyball to explore his options.  

This conversation discussed pop up nets that we utilise on the beach however as his space was astro turf which meant that he is unable to properly secure the post into the ground. After a few more conversations we were able to get the school to look at the smaller pitch and the use of the indoor long nets. After a few adaptations, Stuart was able to take his long volleyball nets outside and bring it back into his curricular. 

Stuart Said “this year has been a massive challenge for the school. We are delighted that we are now able to take volleyball outside, mainly when its dry. As a result, the Kids are loving it”