Grangemouth S2/3 Schools Festival

43 teams turned out for the S2/3 Grangemouth school festival with each of the 170 kids involved excelling in a fantastic festival environment.

The morning pools provided some good competition as the players got settled into their teams and worked hard at controlling the three-touch game. A few of the guests and teachers commented on the atmosphere in the hall. There was a real positive vibe being created by the players involved and the direction being given to them by their teachers.

After a morning, which flew by, the pools were redrawn and after a short lunch break the school players were raring to go.

The level of play in the afternoon was highly impressive with lots of games being so close they were decided by the last matches of the day! It was not just the level of the top pool that was impressive as there was no vast gap between top and bottom pools.

Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end though and the winners were announced in front of the patiently waiting participants. In the boy’s pool Kyle Academy A were run extremely close by their counterparts Kyle Academy B, Belmont House & Belmont Academy but it was Kyle Academy A who went home as the S2/3 national festival winners winning on points difference. The girl’s pools were equally as close, Kyle Academy A and Greenwood all performed well but it was Belmont Academy who took the title of Grangemouth champions.

Many Congratulations to all pupils and staff of the participating schools, we are already looking forward to next years tournament. A great amount of thanks are due to Blair Pettigrew and Lynne Beattie for their support running such a smooth and encouraging festival. The biggest debt is due to the teachers who continue to amaze by bringing more players every year into the game of volleyball.

The next tournament is the S3/4 Schools Cup taking place at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow on 19th March followed closely by the S1/2 Schools Cup on 24th March which is hosted by the University of Edinburgh. If you would like to find out more information, please visit our Schools Cup & Festival pages.

Martyn Johnstone
Education & Participation Officer

Position Boys Girls
1st Kyle Academy A Belmont Academy A
2nd Belmont House A Kyle Academy B
3rd Belmont Academy A Kyle Academy A
4th Kyle Academy B Greenwood Academy A
5th Woodfarm High School A Belmont Academy C
6th St Andrews Academy B Belmont Academy B
7th Kyle Academy C Grange Academy
8th Woodfarm High School C Kyle Academy C
9th Woodfarm High School B Belmont Academy D
10th Greenwood Academy B Belmont House
11th St Andrews Academy A Greenwood Academy B
12th Kyle Academy E Dunblane High School C
13th Kyle Academy D Woodfarm High School
14th Belmont House B St Andrews Academy
15th Greenwood Academy A Dunblane High School A
16th Woodfarm High School D Kinross High School A
17th St Andrews Academy C Belmont Academy F
18th Belmont House C Belmont Academy E
19th Kinross High School B Dunblane High School B
20th Belmont Academy B Kinross High School B
21st St Andrews Academy D  
22nd Kinross High School A  
23rd Woodfarm High School E