Flying Scots 2019 – Now the Competitions Begins

Over the past 2 months, almost 130 junior players from all across Scotland have been busy training and trialling for the second year of the Flying Scots programme. After many deliberations and a few last minute changes, the staff across all programmes have made their selections for both the Intra-Squads competition and the International competition in 2019.

Intra Squads – East Vs West

This year’s Intra Squads will again see a battle between East and West as both teams per gender combine their scores to be crowned Flying Scots Intra Squads Champions 2019. West and East will have two teams per gender but this year, each team will have their own colour of top. The East teams will be FS Blue and FS Red, with the West teams being FS Navy and FS White.

The morning round of matches will each last an hour and feature a points scoring system similar to last year which rewards the first team to 8 points per set, teams that reach 21 points in a losing set and points for the set winner. The afternoon will go to a more traditional scoring system of a best of 3 set match between Blue and Navy & White and Red. There can only be one winner with the East desperate to retain the trophy they won last year.

Then on the Sunday, all the players will be heading down to the St Andrews West Sands to try their hand at some Beach Volleyball. The players will receive a Beach Volleyball masterclass to introduce them to a different discipline. They will then compete again in their regions but this time in a more relaxed, festival format.

Intra Squads West Girls & East Girls Selections

FS Navy

FS White

FS Blue

FS Red

Laura Baillie

Aimee Clark

Lucila Cheesman

Eva Blair

Erin  Brown

Niamh Davidson

Fynn Donaldson

Jessica Brown

Katerina Constantinou

Erin Hendry

Jessica Gillies

Katie Dobson

Orla Hamilton

Katy Jo Ritchie

Daisy Greer

Maddy Ford

Bethan Hendry

Tamara Jovic

Nicola Kerr

Jemma Harris

Lauren Hislop

Amy McCann

Shelby Leavenworth

Zoe Hopkins

Sarah Lamont

Rosa McQueen

Rachel McLean

Ellie Jack

Lia Matteoni

Fay  McTrusty

Rebecca McLean

Lucy Kelly

Ruth McVeigh

Murrin  Poole

Emi-Mireilla Munoz

Anne McPhail

Katie  Mowat

Keira Watson

Catriona Nespolo

Maddie Moorad

Lucy  Paterson


Anna Richardson

Rebecca Simpson

Ellie Wylie


Lisa Waldie

Irina Statescu

Intra Squads West Boys & East Boys Selections


FS Navy

FS White

FS Blue

FS Red

Matthew Allan

Alik Aleynik

Yusef Butt

Kieran Bradley

Daniel Baird

Donald  Bolton

Haydon Campbell

Troy Hayton

Toby Clark

Matthew Braes

Sam Grant

Massimo La Rosa

Oliver Galbraith

Jesse Browne

Sam Jones

Ben McLachlan

Ellis Hunter

Harry Dorward

Markus Kan

Owen Morrison

Gabriel Lorimer

Adam Hamill

Robert Laurenson

Joseph Pinsky

Logan  McDonald

Al-Harreth Musbahi

Jamie Leitch

Ewan Ramsay

Syed Naqvi

Akash Punchi

Euan Murray

Finn Thompson

Harry  Orr

Callum Wing Hong

Fraser Purdie

Cole Turnbull

James  Orr

Juan Wong

Adam Sebai

Jamie Barber

Roy McGuinness

Kenan  Tuzcu

Cameron Traa

Aayush  Chhetri

Charlie  Dorward


Oren Wilson

Gavin Hayles

International Competition
For the other Flying Scots tournament, we are delighted to announce the addition of Ireland to this year’s competition in addition to our returning teams of Northern Ireland and North West England. This is increasing the number of teams competing in this year’s Flying Scots International Invitational competition to 5 teams per gender. The Flying Scots International Tournament 2019 will be at the University of St Andrews from Friday 30th August until Sunday 1st September.

Get Involved! 
If you, like our amazing team of volunteers, are inspired by the Flying Scots Programme, and would like to lend your support to the team pioneering a positive future for volleyball in Scotland, then why not get in touch.

If you are a parent or carer, then we have a specific group of parents who fundraise money to spend on extras for the players such as t-shirts, an end of year celebration, or anything else they can think of. If this interests you then please join their Facebook group.

If you want to try your hand at volunteering at a major sporting event, then get in touch with the Flying Scots team for more information.