In partnership with sportscotland, the Association have recently been advertising, interviewing and recruiting to fill the two vacant positions after the departure of Thomas Dowens in 2018 and Ben Pipes in 2019.

Finding the right fit for the Association has been an interesting process. Filling two posts which were previously held by knowledgeable professionals has had its challenges especially as we are mid-term within our 4yr Strategic Plan with many key priority areas still being delivered. With this in mind the SVA Board and I took the opportunity to re-structure the jobs available to meet the ever changing needs of the Association and our members.

I am grateful to all those who took the time to apply and to those that were invited to interview. The wealth and diversity of application was a real positive testimony to the Association and to the desire of everyone involved to be part of our “Bigger, Better, Stronger” vision for our sport.

As CEO and on behalf of the SVA Board we wish to inform members of the appointment of Andrew Fleming into the position of Coaching and Club Officer and Martyn Johnstone into the position of Education and Participation Officer.

Both candidates begin their new roles with the Association in September 2019 thus allowing us to go out now to advert, application and interview with two new SVA opportunities.

Two SVA posts are:
Regional Development Officer (west region) click here for full job description and application.

Competitions and Event Officer (national remit) click here for full job description and application.

I would like to wish all members, Board, Commissions and staff a wonderful summer and give my congratulations to both Andrew and Martyn.

Margaret Ann Fleming MBE
CEO Scottish Volleyball