Flying Scots – Full Steam Ahead

Over the past 3 weeks the Flying Scots has completed its third and final trial events in the East and West and the staff across all programmes have made their selections for both the Intra Squads competition and the International competition.

Following another successful trial event in the East and West the number of young athletes engaged with the Flying Scots programme grew again to 100 + athletes. Following the third and final trial the coaching teams for all squads completed player evaluations and selections for both the Flying Scots Intra Squads and International competition.

Intra Squads – East Vs West

This year’s Intra Squads will see a battle between East and West as both team per gender combine their scores to be crowned Flying Scots Intra Squads Champions 2018. West and East will have two teams per gender ‘White & Blue’. The morning round of matches will feature a new points scoring system which rewards the first team to 8 points per set, teams that reach 21 points in a losing set and points for the set winner. The afternoon will go to a more traditional scoring system of a best of 3 set match between Blue Vs Blue & White Vs White. There can only be one winner and the winning region will have a championship star printed on their 2019 kit.

West Girls & East Girls

West Girls ‘Blue’ West Girls ‘White’ East Girls ‘Blue’ East Girls ‘White’
Katie Constantina Evie Mackay Kate Renforth Lucy Kelly
Bethan Hendry Kathryn Muir Megan Hall Rebecca Simpson
Eva Joyner Rosie Steele Shelby Leavenworth Ellie Jack
Katie Mowat Mairi McCluckie Jessica Barr Anna Richardson
Emily Stewart Pippa McGee Karolina Wroblewska Niamh MacPherson
Ruth McVeigh Jenifer Johnston Emi-Morelia Munoz Olivia Murray
Laura Baillie Abbie Shenken Caterina Nespolo Daisy Greer
Emma Connell Emma Haining Lisa Waldie Rachael Mclean
Lia Matteoni Olivia McManus Fynn Donaldson Rebecca McLean
Erin Brown Rhian Murphy Nicola Kerr
Orla Hamilton Jessica Gillies Ellen Ranklin
Layla Donnelly Ellie Stewart Jessica Brown

West Boys & East Boys

West Boys ‘Blue’ West Boys ‘White’ East Boys ‘Blue’ East Boys ‘White’
Daniel Okingbona Charlie Dorward Logan Darling Bobby Laurenson
David Mexson Oliver Galbraith Haydon Campbell Cameron Traa
Finn Charlton Sorley Inall Fraser Glass Ewan Ramsay
Jack Anderson James Orr Fraser Purdie Chris Sankey
Ellis Hunter Ben Shenken Hector Friend Yusef Butt
Archie Crawford Oran Charlton Matthew Maloney Duncan Carmichael
Daniel Baird Daniel Watson Harris Ritchie Ben McGlachlan
Harry Murray Harry Dorward Matthew Hogg Adam Sebai
Paul Gibbons Rory Randazzo Euan Fraser Patrick Stenhouse
William Neil Joshua Sharp Greg Richardson Cameron Reid
Harry Orr Owen Webb Henry Oldbury Sam Jones
Alik Aleynik Kenan Tuzcu Cameron Hook Markus Kan
Logan MacDonald


FBS Match Court 1 (Boys) Court 2 (Girls) Format
10:00 M1 FSE White
Vs FSW White
FSE White
Vs FSW White

2 Sets

Set Win (2 Pts)

21 pts scored in losing
set (1 Pt)

First team to 8 Points (1 Pt)

2-0 Win (1 Pt)

Rolling M2 FSE Blue
Vs FSW Blue
FSE Blue
Vs FSW Blue
M3 FSE Blue
Vs FSW White
FSE Blue
Vs FSW White
M4 FSE White
Vs FSW Blue
FSE White
Vs FSW Blue
14:30 M5 FSE White
Vs FSW White
FSE White
Vs FSW White

Best of 3 Sets

2-0 (3 Pts)

2-1 (2 Pts)

1-2 (1 Pt)

0-2 (0 Pt)

Rolling M6 FSE Blue
Vs FSW Blue
FSE Blue
Vs FSW Blue

International Competition

In competition news we are delighted to announce the addition of Northern Ireland Volleyball to this year’s competition. Increasing the number of teams competing in this inaugural Flying Scots International Invitational competition to 4 teams per gender.

Boys Girls
Flying Scots West Flying Scots West
Flying Scots East Flying Scots East
North West England North West England
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland


West Boys West Boys East Boys East Girls
Daniel Okingbona Katie Constantina Logan Darling Kate Renforth
David Mexson Bethan Hendry Haydon Campbell Megan Hall
Finn Charlton Eva Joyner Fraser Glass Shelby Leavenworth
Jack Anderson Katie Mowat Fraser Purdie Jessica Barr
Ellis Hunter Emily Stewart Hector Friend Karolina Wroblewska
Archie Crawford Ruth McVeigh Matthew Maloney Emi-Morelia Munoz
Daniel Baird Laura Baillie Harris Ritchie Caterina Nespolo
Harry Murray Emma Connell Matthew Hogg Lisa Waldie
Paul Gibbons Lia Matteoni Euan Fraser Fynn Donaldson
William Neil Erin Brown Greg Richardson Rhian Murphy
Harry Orr Orla Hamilton Henry Oldbury Jessica Gillies
Alik Aleynik Layla Donnelly Cameron Hook Ellie Stewart