Phase 2 – The 2018 Power League.

Sunday 21st January promises to be a very busy day as the men’s National Team Programme moves into phase 2.  The first phase saw a series of Fast Track sessions and a hugely successful Christmas Camp.  There were over 50 players and staff involved in the 3-day Camp which was held at the Ravenscraig Regional Centre in North Lanarkshire.  The commitment and dedication from everyone who was involved was testimony to the ambition that drives our sport forward.

So, on Sunday 21st we return to North Lanarkshire to compete in the first fixture of the Power Leagues.  Wishaw Sports Centre provides the venue, the action starts at 10.00 and runs through to 15.00.

In the YS Power League there will be 2 teams from the YS programme, competing with Dave McEwan’s experienced Lenzie Volleyball Club. In the adjacent court the Senior Power League features three teams made up of players from the NT Squad with a number of guest players from Clubs in the Premier Division.

In addition to the PL matches there will be a coaching clinic on match coaching and using hitting statistics, and to top it off the Referees Commission are running a grade 2 course for match officials.

As I said, January 21st 2018 promises to be a busy day.

You can help.  You can come along and encourage the players.  You can talk to the coaching staff and exchange insights.  You can watch the excellence and cheer on the teams.  You can contribute to the day and the continuing development of Scottish Volleyball. Does that sound like a great day or what……!

Thomas Dowens

Head Coach Men’s NTP