YS Women vs England NW Juniors

On the weekend of the 4th and 5th of November, the Scotland Junior Women’s squad hosted their North West of England counterparts in a series of friendly matches in North Lanarkshire, at Coltnees High School and Wishaw Sports Centre.

Both groups  had two full squads of players gaining invaluable experience in hotly contested games.

These groups have been visiting each other annually for 7 years now and the value to Scottish junior women’ volleyball has been immense.

We must thank the NWest staff Richard Jump, Liz Clarke and Stephen Kerr for their continued support and frIendship in helping us create these great opportunities for our young players.

We need to thank too both sets of players who worked so hard over the  weekend in a great sporting environment.

The commitment we get from our players is inspiring with players travelling from as far apart as Aberdeen and Ayr to be with us and on this occasion some of our players came straight from club matches to be with us on the Saturday.

Additional thanks are due to Margaret Ann Fleming, the SVA’s CEO and Ben Pipes of the SVA staff for giving up their time to support the event by joining us on Sunday 5th November and to my fellow Scotland coaching staff members Lisa Thompson, Aileen Hall, Zoe Smith and Tom Rooney for their on going dedication.

Plans are already underway for a reciprocal visit on the 22nd and 23rd December 2017.

Missing from the players photograph are Deirdre O’Riordan and Natalia Blaszczak.

Vince Krawczyk, Head Coach
Scotland Women’s Programme