National Team Programmes

The men’s Young Senior, and Senior  National Team Programmes kick off with the Fast Track sessions.

The next two year cycle for our young senior, and senior men’s National Team Programmes is about to restart. The first session for both programmes will be the Fast Track setter’s clinic on Sunday 15th October. This is the first of many sessions that will culminate in teams being selected to represent Scotland at the next men’s European Championships (Small Countries Division) to be held in the Spring of 2018.

Once again the two programme will share the practice environment to help establish the standards required of National Team Players, with the senior players acting as role models for the juniors.  The NT programme will be organised and delivered by a team of expert team managers, coaches and sport science specialists led by Thomas Dowens.

Nominations to the YS Programme are invited from club junior coaches and schoolteachers of players who are eligible for the 2018 championships. Players should have been born in 1999 or later to qualify. They should be willing to attend at least 80% of the sessions that take place over the two year period and are normally hosted in the central belt. There are places for up to 30 players at the initial stages. It is helpful if players have some experience of playing in school festivals, the Junior National League, or perhaps the UK School Games, but the key ingredients are commitment to improve, and a desire to learn.

Nominations are also invited from club coaches, of players who are ambitious, and interested in the Senior Men National Team Programme.  They should be willing to attend at least 80% of the sessions that take place over the two year period, and are normally hosted in the central belt.  Please note, there is no requirement to nominate club players who are currently part of the Senior Men’s National Team Programme.

To register interest and obtain a player information form for either of the NT Programmes please email;

Bill Stobie, team manager for the YS Squad or John Swan, team manager for the Senior Squad.

We look forward to hearing from you.

NTP Management