Marr & Kyle Delight @ Drumbrae Festival

The MACvolley school festival programme really starts to gain momentum when February arrives and there is nothing like the atmosphere created by a fully filled P7/S1 School Festival at Drumbrae Leisure Centre, Edinburgh. 

A lot of the youngster’s were experiencing a school festival for the first time and there was a nice balance of levels during the day. This was most evident in the boys section especially as Kinross HS, Kyle Academy, Queensferry Primary, Marr College and Craigmount HS all made a competitive top pool.

The standard of girls volleyball for P7 & S1 level was very high and it was to no real surprise that three Kyle Academy teams featured in the top pool, with some great ball control and most encouragingly, a willingness to spike across all three teams. 

The raw enthusiasm of the young players was a delight to see and it was clear to see from the teachers and volunteers that they were all a great bunch of youngsters to work with. 

This, however, made in very difficult in the choosing of a spirit of the tournament but the teamwork and the good nature of Mark Roberts from Marr College and Alex McArthy from Belmont House shone through and they were awarded the prize. 

Marr College beat Kyle Academy by a narrow 2 points in a brilliant showing of young exuberance and will to win. While in the girls competition despite strong opposition, Kyle A and Kyle B match proved decisive with Kyle B edging out their fellow schoolmates. 

As always a huge amount of work has been put into this age group by teachers and coaches and it was delightful to see another sizeable batch of new young talent at the festival.  

The next P7/S1 festival is in Aberdeen on Friday 28th February where there is still a limited number of spaces. If interested please get in touch via email.

Many Thanks to Lynne Beattie, Drumbrae Leisure Centre and all the teachers and volunteers for making such a successful day.

Graeme Spowart

Club & Participation Development Officer

Scottish Volleyball Association