Reflection of 2014 High Peaks Camp

High Peaks Camp 2014The High Peaks Volleyball Development Camp was aimed at athletes aged 15 – 16 and featured both male and female players. This residential camp took place at Glenalmond College Centre from Monday 7th – Wednesday 9th July 2014. The facilities were very good in relation to our requirements and helped us achieve our objectives and beyond.

The Coaching Staff featured a member of the National Team Program Vince Krawczyk. Head coach Vince did an excellent job in planning the whole event and getting the most out of his players not only the players benefited but also the assistant coaches who attended and gained access to his expertise. In his own words:
Potential and as a result the capability of young Scottish volleyballers never ceases to amaze and inspire me. The group at Glenalmond threw themselves intellectually and physically into everything that was asked of them and dealt with quite a wide ranging difference in ability with equanimity. As a result the progress they made over three days was astounding.

The course was expansive and demanding and the improvement in personal skills was substantial as was the participants knowledge of team organisation and tactics.

Attending camps is a phenomenal way to learn about a sport but the benefits of social interaction with other volleyballers must not be underestimated and often leads to new lifetime friendships. This camp was no different to that.

We were very fortunate to call on the coaching expertise during the camp of. volleyball’s two new development officers Andrew Fleming and GB Captain Lynne Beattie. It was particularly great for the players to hear Lynne’s thoughts and experiences and for them to watch her going through her attack routines.

The Glenalmond School setting was stunning and the facilities were spot on and our host there David Stott waHigh Peaks Camp 2014s extremely helpful. Scottish Volleyball’s coaching manager Ioannis Panayiotakis made sure everything ran very smoothly too.

All in all, it was a great volleyball experience which we need to ensure many of our young players whatever their age and level of play can share in the future.

Vince Krawczyk