Lifetime Membership Awards

Recognition and congratulations was inProvost Liz Grant abundance when three members of Scottish Volleyball were presented as “Lifetime Members” of the Association on Saturday 7th June 2014.

Jess Reid, Alexander Steel and David Munro received their awards by Provost Liz Grant of Perth and Kinross Council at the recent Small Countries Division European Women’s Qualifiers. CEO and CEV Board member Margaret Ann Fleming introduced the newly developed award on behalf of the SVA Board and members. Invited guests listened to a short synopsis of the many achievements that the very surprised award winners had accumulated over the years, in what was an emotional evening for everyone present.

VIP Reception, Perth 2014On the evening Margaret Ann said “lifetime membership is the highest accolade that Scottish Volleyball can offer to a member who has demonstrated commitment, passion, drive and expertise over 30 years of development of our sport in Scotland. The three recipients have all of these qualities in abundance and I personally have been influenced and touched by their work as I have travelled through my own volleyball journey. The Association is proud and very fortunate to have such worthy people in our sport”


Lifetime Members of Scottish Volleyball:
Jess Reid
Jess Reid - Lifetime Member Award










Alexander Steel
Alexander Steel - Lifetime Member Award









David Munro
David Munro - Lifetime Membership Award









Congratulations were given on the night from the SVA Board, invited guests, members and staff.

Margaret Ann Fleming