The journey to the 2014 SCD Finals…… far so good.

The YS programme has been quietly getting on with business since August, Scotland YS Menwith a key focus being the two development camps scheduled for the 2013 Festive period.  2014 is a competition year, with the YS team heading to Luxembourg in April to play in the SCD European Finals.  The opportunity to use the holiday period to work on the team systems and strategies was invaluable.

The Festive Camps were great; the Ravenscraig facility was excellent; the Centre staff were supportive; the work was demanding, and the players have to be congratulated for their enthusiasm and commitment.   

SweemThere were several development threads identified for the Camps, with the timing of the side out units and the sports psych programme being critical elements. The work was ‘primed’ by the technique analysis session we completed in November, when we used iPads to identify and correct individual faults.  This initiative was continued into the Ravenscraig sessions, where the progress made by the players since the start of this two year programme was clearly highlighted in the quality of their ball control, the effectiveness of their attacking skills and the tenacious qualities of their defence.  The Camps were intense!

The next stage of the programme is a series of matches against Division I teams in a Power League format.  The dates for the events are listed below and the Support of the Division I teams (South Ayrshire, Dundee, Edinburgh Jets and Su Ragazzi) is gratefully acknowledged. 

Thanks are due to a number of people for their support at the Festive Camps, and to the parents who offer such support to the programme when ferrying players to all of the practice venues.  The ongoing success of the YS Programme is due to a number of elements but none more so than the efforts of the players and the coaching staff.  The journey to the finals continues.

Thomas Dowens

Head CoachTusslw at the Net

Men’s YS Programme

January 2014

Photographs by kind permission of Ross Dowens

The Power League dates;

Sunday January 19th

Sunday February 2nd

Sunday February 23rd

Sunday March 2nd