Scottish Beach Volleyball Tour Launch

What was once just a seaside diversion for families and individuals has become a worldwide form of entertainment. Beach volleyball is relatively new on the Olympic stage. But in a short amount of time, it has increased its visibility and created its share of stars.

The Scottish Beach Volleyball Commission and NUVOC Volleyball club are delighted to announce the first Scottish Beach Tour date of the 2013 season. The tour kicks off in Edinburgh, Saturday 15 June, on the sands of Portobello Beach. This is the first of six Scottish tour dates and we’re looking forward to a very lively and exciting volleytour.

Players of all levels, ages and experience will don the lycra (weather permitting) and brave the blistering temperature at this the first ranking tournament of the Scottish Beach Volleyball Season.

Juniors at PortobelloForging an alliance with our grass roots beach programmes, junior boys and girls can take to the sand and compete in one of three categories: under 18, under 16 and under 14. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance beach skills and improve their core understanding of the sport in a competitive environment.

Top players will be striving to gain valuable ranking points in the 2 v 2 men and women, can compete in the pairs league, aiming to be crowned beach champion with their ultimate goal – to be crowned Tour Champion 2013. It’s a tough ask, and we’re expecting some great volleyball to be on show.

Portobello action

On the lighter side of things, mixed teams of 4 can share the load of covering the 64 square metres of their court. We’re expecting some outstanding sand antics and a dollup of fun. The mixed 4s is an ideal platform for workmates and friends to throw together a team and give it a try – remember too that you use nearly twice as much energy walking on sand as you do walking on grass – what a work out!!

Regardless of your level, we’ll find a court for you.

Spectators welcome.

Date: Saturday 15 June 2013
Event: Scottish Beach Volleyball Tour Launch (NUVOC Edinburgh Open)
Hosts: NUVOC Volleyball Club, Edinburgh
Location: Portobello Beach, Portobello Swim Centre, Edinburgh EH15 2BS
Times: 10:00 – 18:00 (Team registration from 0915)
Refreshments: Yes
Competitors: To Enter, click here (£12/team)
Spectators: FREE
Weather: 20°C, slight breeze


Gerry MacDonald – NUVOC Volleyball Club