ICG 2011 Playing Schedule

The Scottish Volleyball Association are hosting this years’ International Children’s Games. They will be held from 5-7th August at Wishaw Sports Centre.

Tickets are FREE and all are welcome. Come along and enjoy some great sporting entertainment!


Arran Group Orkney Group
Edinburgh Mislinja
Brantford Jerusalem
Kecskemet Maribor
Lanarkshire Seoul


Skye Group Mull Group
Lanarkshire Jerusalem
Brantford Halifax
Plock Los Angeles

Friday 5th August 2011

Time Boys 1 Boys 2 Girls 1 Girls 2
09.00 Edinburgh Brantford Lanarkshire Brantford
10.15 Kesckemet Lanarkshire Plock Mislinja
11.30 Mislinja Jerusalem Jerusalem Halifax
12.45 Maribor Seoul Lanarkshire Plock
14.00 Edinburgh Kesckemet Brantford Mislinja
15.15 Brantford Lanarkshire Jerusalem Los Angeles

Saturday 6th August 2011  

Time Girls 1 Girls 2 Boys 1 Boys 2
09.00 Brantford Plock Mislinja Maribor
10.15 Halifax Los Angeles Jerusalem Seoul
11.30 Lanarkshire Mislinja Edinburgh Lanarkshire
12.45 Grp Mull (3rd) Grp Skye (4th) Brantford Kesckemet
14.00 Grp Mull (3rd) Grp Skye (3rd) Mislinja Seoul
15.15 Grp Skye (4th) Grp Skye (3rd) Jerusalem Maribor






Sunday 7th August 2011 

Time Boys 1 Boys 2 Girls 1 Girls 2
09.00 Winner Arran 2nd Orkney Winner Skye 2nd Mull
10.15 Winner Orkney 2nd Arran Winner Mull 2nd Skye
11.30 3rd/4th Place   3rd/4th Place  
13.00     Final  
14.30 Final